About Us

When founder Jessie Cooper had her first baby shower, they started the way these events often do: with a tall stack of magazines and a whole lot of Googling. But after endless searching, she decided that there had to be a better way.

So she launched Just Baked. A website to browse and research the best ideas related to having a baby shower. A place to find the right designs, themes, and how-tos. Just Baked is used by thousands of moms-to-be, dads-to-be, party planers, and event coordinators across the country and around the world.

Whether you are planning a huge baby shower or just need some ideas for a cake, the Just Baked website is here to help. And when you are ready to begin planning your event, Just Baked is the best way to get inspired, learn about everything you will need to prepare, and maybe even find ideas you haven’t even though of. May you have a great Baby Shower and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Jessie Cooper and Baby Becky

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