An All White Baby Shower Anyone?

All White Baby Shower Themes

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Baby showers are fun and exciting especially when the expectant couple already knows the gender of their baby; but why pick an all white baby shower theme? You have probably been in an all blue baby shower or in an all pink baby shower but have you ever attended an all-white one?

An all white shower is for mothers–to-be that may not be aware of what the gender of their baby. Celebrating in an all-white theme is a smart way to say tell everyone that the gender of the baby is not yet known but of course this color theme may also mean that the baby could be a boy or a girl as well. Here are some great ideas on how to pull a classic all-white party theme.

All white baby shower invitations can be made of white classic satin paper with classic lettering. Embossed images of different baby-themed items such as a stork, ribbons, diapers, teddy bears, balloons and baby rattles could be placed along the borders of the invitation while the plain white envelope could use a bit of jazzing up as well.

An all-white baby shower will never be complete without a white fondant cake. The cake could be one or multi-tiered decked with white flowers, ribbons and beautiful baby figurines. Cakes could be white on the outside but could have different fillings such as butter, butterscotch, chocolate and mocha. You may adapt a cute cake theme made of small cupcakes arranged in such a way that they form a cake on a dessert rack.

A diaper cake would do well in an all-white theme. Since nappies are mostly white, these could be arranged to create a huge multi-tiered cake. Simply roll a diaper and place a bow to secure it. Arrange it in a circular fashion. Create two or more tiers but make sure that these won’t fall over. Place any kind of decoration that would fit the theme such as a white stork, a baby wearing a diaper or white balloons.

It is very easy to decorate an all white baby shower venue. There are white tablecloths, white balloons, flowing white ribbons, white tableware and white gift wrapping paper. A cute idea, especially if the mother-to-be is fond of pets is to use white bunnies as a part of your décor. You may also use white ducks, puppies, kittens or birds.

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