Tips for the Perfect Baby Shower Decor

Baby Shower Decor Ideas

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Planning your baby shower decor should be fun and not too time-consuming and this means considering some factors that could affect your baby shower venue. So to give you a rundown, here are some tips that could help you save time and money in decorating your event venue.

Consider the weather.

The first thing to consider is the date of your shower. If you plan to have it during the summer months you may think that an outdoor venue could be perfect. But what if there is summer rain, how do you save the event? An indoor event definitely has less risks and would be much better considering the weather, sudden mishaps and even preserving your food from the effects of heat and changes in weather. This also opens up a wider range of options for your décor since you can pretty much do anything if you are indoors.

Consider the theme of your baby shower decor.

In terms of color, girls traditionally have pink decor while boys have blue. Parents who are not sure about the gender of their baby or would like to keep it a secret till the mom to be delivers, could otherwise go with neutral colors such as green or yellow. Once you’ve chosen the dominant color it’s time to choose a theme. This could be any kind of theme that you wish to use such as an underwater theme, BBQ theme, cartoon character theme, sporty theme and so many more. Coordinate your décor with the theme and ensure that the invitations, keepsakes, cake and the couple’s chairs are all consistently coloured and themed.

Decorations will make or break your decor and could cost you an arm and a leg.

Therefore, make the event simple and use DIY decorations instead. Some great ideas are making your own banner, ceiling and window décor, your own decorative lanterns, making your own baby shower chair and even cooking the food that you will be serving on the day. Have a friend or neighbor help you out or even ask your spouse or partner for assistance!

Baby shower decor does not have to be very extravagant.

As long as you are able to share this extra-special day with your family and friends and celebrate the impending arrival of your new member of the family, then you are making a perfect event come true. There is nothing more special than décor designed and made by no one else but you!

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