A Ballerina Baby Shower to Welcome Baby Girls

Baby Ballerina Baby Shower

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Obviously a ballerina baby shower theme is for a family expecting a baby girl. If you are a mom or a dad-to-be looking for a great girl baby shower theme then a ballerina theme would be perfect for you. Make your guests put on the frilly tutus and ballerina shoes as you greet them when they enter your venue! Watch their eyes light up seeing that a baby girl is expected and you want to share this joyous occasion with them! Find out what is in store for you if you pick a ballerina theme for your baby shower…

The party invitations are surely going to be in pink or hot pink. All the ballerina accents will surely be there such as a tutu, a cute little baby girl in her tights and leotards, and all the classic ballerina designs you can think of. Your invitations will be enclosed in wonderful pink envelopes adorned with a beautiful pink satin ribbon. Your visitors will be looking at pink and all the different shades all day long!

Decorations for the venue will definitely be ballerina or ballet inspired. Just think of a venue decorated with white and pink LED lights as well as pink and white lace, organza, ribbons and abaca fiber. All the chairs in the house will have pink and white cushions while tablecloths will also be in pink and white along with a flower or candle centerpiece in pink and white. Your baby shower banner would also be baby shower ballerina inspired. String pink and white paper together bearing the name of the mom and dad as well as a special greeting. You can use pink and white confetti or glitter, or you may also use light pink and white feathers instead.

Your cake, of course, will have a ballerina theme. Think of a white and pink cake wrapped in fondant icing, the cake topper would be anything from a ballerina figurine or sugar figures, ballerina shoes made of icing and fondant, or a ballerina tutu made from lace or ribbons. This cake will truly make your ballerina-inspired baby shower a huge hit!

And of course, make your guests remember your event with the use of a baby shower ballerina themed keepsake. How about a ballerina shoe candle or cookies in the shape of tutus? There is simply so much girly fun when you have ballerina theme for your baby shower event.

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