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Bumble Bee Baby Shower Centerpieces

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Have you ever thought that a bumblebee baby shower would the most interesting theme for your baby shower? Bee and bumblebee themes have been gaining a lot of attention lately and some moms even purchase sets of bumblebee party favors and party tableware. But what makes this theme one of the most popular? Here are some reasons:

Some parents-to-be think that learning the gender of their baby should be left until the baby is born. This leaves them with limited color theme options for their party. Choosing yellow would be best since it is neutral color. Therefore if you are still unaware of your baby’s gender then you should use a bumblebee theme.

A bumblebee theme is a fun theme to use. Making your own invitations, keepsakes and thank you notes using a bumblebee template is a great idea. There are many templates for this kind of theme online, plus you can choose from a classic to a cartoonish theme. You can even choose a stylish theme for your invitations. Invitations can be ready-made and delivered to your door. But if you know a bit of DIY, a bumblebee baby shower theme may be the one for you. Create invitations and thank you cards using your own bee drawings. Your own notes or inspiring message could be on the invitation or thank you cards. What kind of stationery should be used for your invitation and cards? Trust that your local bookstore or craft store will have great suggestions for paper to use.

Bumblebee cakes are so beautiful and, in fact, could also be some of the most intricately-designed cakes. Many moms choose this theme for a cake since it is very fun and interesting to see. Imagine a two to three – tiered cake that is covered with yellow and black smooth fondant icing. There are also accents such as bumblebee figurines, sugar icing toppers made to look like bees and flowers, and, of course, don’t forget the cute flying bees made of sugar icing as your party favor. Your bumblebee baby shower will never be complete without your party keepsakes or favors. Moms love this theme because there are a lot of great ideas online for party favors that fit in with this theme.

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