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Personalized Baby Shower Labels For Favors

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Baby shower labels are important in making invitations, envelopes, keepsakes, nameplates and so much more. You need labels to keep things in order, including your guests. You will be able to have an organized and well-designed baby shower when you have adequately placed labels on all your baby shower items. You can get really cute and custom labels printed over at

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But of course, baby shower labels need to be done the right way. Most mistakes happen by placing the wrong label on the wrong item. Here are some tips to follow:

Create labels that are the right size for the item that you will be labeling. For instance, if you have decided that small aromatic candles in tin cans with lids will be your keepsake, use a small label. In fact, use two labels, place one on top of the tin can and the other one on the front. It might be difficult on a small label, but make sure that the words are easy to read.

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The text that you will place on your label should be readable and if you are using a keepsake as an invitation then you need to make your baby shower labels especially clear and easy to understand. It would be best to use a standard invitation paper where you can place special details about your event. Clearly place your address, phone number, RSVP and other important information as well.

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For a formal baby shower, seating arrangements need to be indicated with nameplates and/or seat labeling. Take time to plan out the seating to ensure that all your guests are placed next to someone they can easily chat to. Make sure the names are spelled correctly, then check and double-check against your seating plan.

Thank you cards and keepsakes need labels to help guests remember that these were from your event. No matter what you do, there will come a time when your baby shower will just be another event and your keepsake will just be another decoration in their cabinets, so make sure your keepsake is easily memorable by using a permanent label.

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Baby shower labels do not have to cost anything. These could be made of any kind of paper and fastened with ribbon or wire. The more personalized your labels are, the more special they will be. Make labels of different sizes, shapes and color. Don’t forget that your color schemes should match and this includes your labels too.

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