The Top Baby Shower Themes for Boys

The Top Baby Shower Themes For Boys

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Check out these super fun concepts for baby body shower themes. These are the ideas are top themes for baby showers. Spoiler alert, they are mostly animal baby shower themes.

The Trendy Owl Baby Shower Theme

So you need a baby owl theme for your baby shower? It is one of the best simply because an owl is endearing and cute. A baby owl is pretty much as adorable as a genuine baby!  The way baby owls still have their woolly plumes makes them look extremely entertaining and completely delightful!

baby shower owl cakes

For baby owl invitations, you might choose either a pink young girl owl with an unmistakable bow on one of her pointed owl ears; or a blue boy owl with blue hued quills and a few extra designs, for example, baseballs or cars. You also can include witty owl invitation messages like, “Look whoooo is having a baby!”, which is a humorous way to customize your baby owl invitations.

Your owl cake will make also help to make your baby shower an amazing success. The owl head is round and could effortlessly be made from a round cake while a bar cake cut diagonally in two will give you two pointed segments for the ears. Add icing to make the owl features, quills, nose and eyes. Reproduce your owl designs and/or colors in all the decorations for the venue including the banner, tablecloth, napkins, tableware, etc.  Read more about Owl Baby Shower Ideas.

But an owl is not the only cute animal that would make a perfect baby shower mascot. Here are some of the best animal themes:

Baby Bee Shower Theme

When the mom and dad don’t know the gender of their yet-to-arrive family member (or perhaps they just want to keep it a secret), they will often pick the color yellow for the baby shower. And, if you’re going to pick yellow, the theme is obviously going to be honey bees! They work hard (like a mom), appreciate flowers (like a mom) and are in charge of making sweet treats (like a mom)!

bumble bee baby shower ideas

Fill the venue with flowers — they can be paper ones—and bees made of a myriad of different materials such as card or pompoms. Use a bee or honeycomb motif on the tablecloth, napkins and tableware.

As for the baby shower cake: envision a moist honey-flavored two or three layered cake with stunning yellow and dark icing and adorned with adorable bumblebee trimmings and toppers. Or, make little cupcakes and organize these in distinctive levels to make a huge cake that looks like honeycomb. The considerable bonus with this cake is that you can easily serve these cupcakes to your visitors. You could even put each cupcake in a transparent cupcake holder and give these as your honey bee baby shower keepsakes.

Alternatively, your party favors could be small, beautifully decorated jars of a special honey or pretty beeswax candles. Read more about Bee Baby Shower Ideas or Bumblebee Baby Shower Themes.

Cute Turtle Baby Shower Theme

What could be more charming than turtle babies as the mascots for your baby shower? Turtle-themed baby showers are parties for mothers and fathers who are searching for a charming and fun approach to celebrating on this cheerful day.

turtle baby shower ideas

You can find or make adorable green turtle layouts for your invitations, name plates, thank you notes and token marks. There numerous of websites that offer free templates for printing, so you need do nothing more than sign up and download them.

Make your visitors go “wow” with amazement when you present them with a customized turtle cake decorated in all the shades of green. The smooth fondant is a perfect base for a charming baby turtle doll made of sugar or perhaps a plastic cake topper made in the shape of a turtle outline.

Include baby shower adornments such as baby bottles, pacifiers, baby dresses, onesies, booties and strollers. Bring your turtle baby shower to a finish by giving your guests a parting turtle souvenir. These could be, for example, magnets, dolls, green and white mints, etc. Read more about Turtle Baby Shower Ideas.

Black and White Panda Baby Shower Theme

If not an owl baby shower, how about a panda-themed baby shower with creatively designed invitations and envelopes? Make your own by hand if you have time to spend on a “crafternoon” or use specially prepared layouts from online invitation template sites. These sites permit you to make and alter your own particular invitation according to your project. Browse a wide mixture of panda and high contrast black-and-white designs for your envelope and in addition a panda figure as a picture for your invitation. Leave the center of your invitation blank because this is where you will put all the vital data about your event and perhaps a short message from you to your visitors to welcome them to your occasion.

panda baby shower ideas

A panda baby shower cake will be high contrast, black and white as well, consider all-white fondant with licorice decorations and a dash of green bamboo shoots as a cake topper. Include a charming baby panda bear as a topper and sprinkle the base layer of your cake with baby adornments made of sugar, for example, baby booties, baby caps, onesies, gloves, diapers and baby bottles.

Your venue decorations should also follow the panda–inspired theme with plenty of panda pictures and small panda soft toys while your party ornaments, for example, table materials, seat spreads, buffet table fabrics and table centerpieces should feature some type of panda imagery or at least be in black-and-white, in order to tie the room together. Read more about Panda Baby Shower Ideas.

So, an owl baby shower theme is not the only animal motif suitable for a baby shower party and I’m sure you’ll find one that is a perfect fit for you and your new little one.

Here are some other great baby shower theme for boys:

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