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Turtle Baby Shower Cake

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Are your looking for some cute turtle baby shower ideas? Turtle-themed baby showers are parties meant for moms and dads who are looking for a cute and fun way to celebrate this joyous occasion. Cute little green turtles are perfect mascots for your little one. And even if you are not a turtle person, or a pet lover for that matter, you will love these turtle-inspired baby shower ideas that are unlike any other baby animal party themes that you may have seen. Here are great ideas for your turtle party baby shower:

Check out cute green turtle templates for your invitations, name plates, thank you cards and keepsake labels. There are lots of invitation template sites that offer free services; all you need to do is sign up. You get to use all kinds of templates and animal designs but narrow your search down to baby green turtles. Pick out the border design as well as the cute turtle image on your invitation. You may also use girl or boy turtles in case you already know the gender of your baby to be and, of course, if you are expecting twins then you could use a twin turtle design. Make sure that you have enough space in the middle of your invitation to place your personal message to your guests and space for your venue and date information. Yes, turtles are indeed too cute and you may end up wasting a lot of space and forgetting you need to place some details in the middle — so stay focused!

Don’t be fooled! Turtles are so cute that you end up placing them on your baby shower cakes! For a turtle baby shower make your cake stand out and make your guests go wow with amazement with a personalized turtle design. A cool turtle cake is a cake with all the shades of green. This smooth fondant covered cake is fit for a cute baby turtle figurine made of sugar or how about a plastic cake topper turtle design. Add baby shower accents like baby bottles, pacifiers, baby dresses, onesies, booties and cradles. Your guests will love taking a bite of cuteness with this beautiful turtle cake.

Your turtle baby shower will never be complete without a turtle keepsake. There are a lot of turtle design ideas to use such as magnets, figurines, green and white mints and so on.

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