Marissa’s How to Throw a Bridal Shower Guide

Bridal showers are a fun way to show the bride-to-be you care and I personally look upon these parties as opportunities to create ever-lasting memories with friends and family. Bridal showers are also the perfect way to help the newlyweds set up their new home.

As always, I am here to help you throw the perfect bridal shower so do check out the following bridal shower tips and ideas…..

Tips for a perfect bridal shower

  • Traditionally, the maid of honor or the bride’s best friend throws the shower
  • Involve the bride when making the guest list. Involve her mother/sister to choose the best dates for the shower and so on.
  • Venue for the bridal shower could be a restaurant or your own home.
  • You can involve students for helping, cleanup etc.
  • Plan ahead of time to avoid last minute hassles.
  • Check and recheck your lists and supplies.
  • Keep the menu simple or have it catered.
  • If the bride to be has a gift registry, you can add it on the bridal shower invitations.
  • A 3-tier stand looks sophisticated and elegant and is perfect for displaying finger foods like sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes etc. Large and small cake stands can be used according to the size of the cake being served.
  • If you are serving beverages, you have to have stem glasses irrespective of whether you are serving champagne, wine or mimosas. Always keep plenty of beverages on hand: sparkling water, punch, soda, juice, champagne and/or wine.
  • I love using white table cloths along with cloth napkins monogrammed with the bride’s wedding date. You can always launder these napkins after the shower to gift it to the bride.
  • Plan a few bridal shower games and activities based on a theme. I have discussed a few ideas below.
  • Match the food, décor, favors and gifts/prizes with the shower’s theme.
  • Crate a music playlist-include the bride’s favorite songs.
  • Always thank the guests by giving them favors like monogrammed frames, miniature potted herbs, jewelry boxes etc. You can also gift specialty tea bags tucked in ceramic mugs, reusable water bottles, monogrammed vases etc.

Listen to the bride. Find out her wants, likes and dislikes. If she wants a co-ed party, involve the men in it. It is her day, so try and make it special for her.

Bridal shower games and activities

Bridal shower activities and games help put guests at ease and are wonderful ice-breakers if they do not know each other.

  1. How-well-do-you-know-the couple game: Divide the guests into two groups. Give each group the same set of questions pertaining to the bride. It is fun to see guests debate about the answers!
  2. Advice to the couple– Tuck in a piece of paper in the bridal shower invitations and ask guests to pen their words of advice to the couple-to-be. Compile the advice in a scrapbook and gift it to the bride.
  3. Recipe booklet– I personally love this one. Get your guests to contribute recipes they love and even tell a story about each recipe. Compile all recipes in a small book and gift it to the bride.
  4. Disposable cameras-Hand these to guests so they can take photos of themselves and each other. The images will make wonderful keepsakes for the bride.
  5. Wedding Bingo-This is a classic bridal shower game and you cannot go wrong with this one.
  6. Love song– Have guests think of as many songs as possible having the word ‘Love’ in it.
  7. Draw the bride-Pass around paper, pencils and crayons. Ask the guests to draw a picture of the bride in her wedding gown. Let the bride decide as to which picture is the best!


I am sure these bridal shower games and activities will help you throw the perfect bridal shower!

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