Marissa’s Unique Wedding Reception Trends and Ideas

Add a special touch to your wedding reception with these unique trends and ideas.

1. Green or eco-friendly wedding receptions

Green weddings are very much in as more and more couples wish to reduce their carbon footprint and do something nice for Mother Earth. The result: eco-friendly invitation cards made using recyclable paper, or better still e-invitations sent online are very much trendy. Centerpieces are also made using sustainable materials like fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from local farmers markets. Eco-friendly balloons and decorations allow couples to host a green wedding without sacrificing on the visual appeal.

2. Two bridal dresses

More and more brides are going in for two bridal gowns -one for the main ceremony and the other for the reception. Often, brides cannot make a decision when it comes to shopping for their bridal gown, so they tend to buy two dresses. A sophisticated sheath or a short dress is ideal for the wedding reception.

3. Interesting centerpieces

Large centerpieces made using handmade flowers, tiny bubbles and balloons are very much in vogue. I love the arrangements having helium filled balloons as they add an extra height (and flair) to the centerpiece. If you are on a budget, you might want to ask your decorator to provide you with some pocket-friendly options offered with the centerpieces. Candles, tea lights, tapers and floaters are timeless and you simply cannot go wrong with these. If your reception venue does not allow candles, go for LED lights and faux tea light candles.


4. Cool first dances

In the past, traditional, slow or emotion-stirring songs were used for the first dance. These are very much out as slow songs and dances are now being replaced with entertaining, upbeat and yes, even choreographed, dance moves. Couples are also taking things to a whole new level by demanding balloons filled with flower and confetti explosions during their dance. Impressive special effects instruments are also available to make the dance more entertaining for guests.


5. Reception décor and color trends

Faux rose petals, diamond shaped confetti and shells or starfish remains the most popular confetti. Brides are mixing up square and round tables to add a ‘less coordinated’ feel and look. Reception chairs can also be decorated using tulle, lace, fabric overlays, floral swags and ribbons. Chinese lanterns, garlands and balloons help enhance the décor and you could even place disposable cameras on tables so that couples can take their own photos. Metallic colors in black and white are one of the hottest picks of 2015 weddings. I especially love small hints of black on a mostly-white décor as it really brings the attention to the accents. Other top trending colors for reception décor include Aqua, tangerine, Marsala (which happens to be the Pantone color of the year-2015), Lilac, mustard, antique blue, latte, lavender, charcoal and sage.

6. Post reception celebrations

The party does not stop at the reception. Many couples are also having an after-party with interesting décor done up using flowers, balloons etc.


7. Reception menu trends

Usually, 5-6 hors’doeuvres must be served so guests have something to nibble on while they await your grand entrance. Bruschetta, flatbreads, antipasti, seafood or cheese and charcuterie displays are popular items to choose from. For the main course, buffet lines are no longer trendy. Instead, you could arrange for guests to have a taste of each entrée so they can pick from the choices. I love the fact that this option encourages conversation during the dining service. Entrées should be ideally accompanied by seasonal vegetables and sides. You might also want to consider latest wedding reception menu trends like ala Carte menu options, wedding cake and cupcake stands, dessert stations with bite sized desserts, non-alcoholic beverage stations, late night bites, vegan and vegetarian options, child meals, ice cream carts and so on.

I am sure these will guide you in your selection and also inform you of the wide array of options available.

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