baby shower craft decorations

Baby Shower Crafts for Souvenir

Baby shower crafts could be the best solution for you if you are confuse about preparing the best souvenir for the event. It is easy to prepare therefore it will not takes up your time. And then, it is also beautiful. Therefore, the guest will love the souvenir. And for the perfection, it will also be cheap and have suitable price. Therefore, you do not have to spend too much […]

neutral baby shower cake

Neutral Baby Shower

Having a gender neutral baby shower is something good which ease the mother to be and the father to pick the baby shower that does not really need to tell whether it is a girl or a boy. Choosing the gender neutral baby shower ideas would also surprise the guests as you could ask your guests to guess whether it would be girl or a boy. Here we will see […]

baby keepsake books

Baby Shower Keepsakes Ideas

When you are holding the baby shower and invite many guests sure you will think also about the gift for them as the appreciation of their coming. There are many gift ideas of the baby shower that you can choose. You may be interested in baby shower keepsakes. This is not only about keepsakes, by the right and beautiful baby shower keepsake ideas, the keepsake can be designed beautifully and […]

ballerina themed baby shower ideas

Ballerina Baby Shower to Welcome the Baby Girls

When a pregnant woman has entered the age of seven months, she would prepare an event named the baby shower. The event is only celebrated when she was pregnant with her ​​first child and will not be repeated in subsequent pregnancies. This causes any prospective parents would prepare for the event as possible, in order to run properly and in line with expectations. If the baby is female, ballerina baby […]